New Product Development

Mathew Shropshall New Product Development:

-    Cutting edge food knowledge
-    Award winning creative experience gathered
in renowned restaurants
-    Experienced retail development chef
-    Creative Chef team developing commercially
viable products, quickly and efficiently
-    Identifying and implementing market
-    Providing NPD strategic assistance
-    Managing major new category projects
-    Training and development of NPD teams

Mathew Shropshall Business Development Chef:


•    Background to legislative requirements, work through and complete SFBB pack, review existing systems.

Menu Costing

•    Supplier selection, portion control, stock and ordering system, wastage control, forecasting.

Menu Design and Planning

•    Size of menu, range and nature of dishes, operational efficiencies, skill levels, celebration menus, commonality of ingredients.

Stock Management

•    Review of stock control system, stock sheet design.

Kitchen Design and Equipment

•    Work-flow, equipment suitability, general condition and legislative compliance.

Post - EHO Visit Support

•    Trouble-shooting support following recommendations from Local Authority.

General Trouble-Shooting

•    Recruitment, managing sales growth.

Kitchen Start-Up

•    Working alongside the catering staff either as a run-through or on the first day of service.

Kitchen Trouble-Shooting

•    Observing the catering operation in order to determine which areas can become more efficient and therefore profitable.

Ad-hoc Practical Support

•    Practical catering support on a site-specific basis.

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